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Extreme Birder: One Woman's Big Year
(I've got copies to sell & sign or you can buy them online at the usual book-sellers)
 Birds in Trouble
 (BOTH BOOKS ARE NOW AVAILABLE - list price of $29.95 each plus shipping ($33.00 for media mail in US) - email me if interested)

FOLLOW MY 2016 ALASKA BIG YEAR: on this web site and at



Are you interested in seeing a presentation about my

Email me to schedule a talk for your group. There are a couple of versions of the talk, depending on the birding nuttiness of the likely audience. Or I could tell you about my Texas big year in 2005, or about ways to attract birds, or about the not-so-fine art of bird chasing, or about all sorts of "Extreme Birding", or .... I just love to talk about birds! Also, please contact me to schedule a book-signing or to buy a book (or two).

February 2, Houston Ornithology Group
February 19, Quinta Mazatlan, McAllen, TX
February 24, Prairie & Timbers Audubon Society
March 12, Fort Worth Audubon Society, Fort Worth

March 17, Central Texas Audubon Society, Waco
April 4, Burroughs Audubon Society of Greater Kansas City, annual banquet
April 13, Audubon Dallas, Dallas
April 16, Golden Triangle Audubon, Beaumont, TX
May 13, Rio Brazos Audubon, Texas A&M, College Station, TX
May 26, First Congregational Church UCC, Fort Worth, TX
May 28, TCU Retirees, membership meeting
September 10, Fort Worth Audubon, on "The Not-so-fine Art of Chasing Birds" 
October 15, Travis Audubon, Austin, TX
January 16, Valley Nature Center/TOS speech on ABA Big Year
January 30, banquet speaker at Carolina Bird Club meeting in Atlantic Beach
February 4, San Antonio Audubon Society meeting, San Antonio, TX
February 18, First Congregational Church UCC, Fort Worth
arch 18, Aransas Bird and Nature Club, Rockport, TX
March 22, Brazosport Birders, Lake Jackson, TX
April 9, Fort Worth Audubon monthly meeting - about T.O.S.
May 17, Wimberly Bird Society, Wimberly, TX
September 21, San Saba, TX (new San Saba Bird & Nature Club), talk on being a better birder
October 12, Shreveport, LA, talk on my Texas Big Year
October 26, Prairie & Timbers Audubon, McKinney, TX, talk on the Texas Ornithological Society
March 31, 2011, evening talk on backyard birds to a Fort Worth garden club
April 14, 2011, Fort Worth Audubon, book signing before (6:30-7:30 pm) and after meeting (
April 21, 2011, Golden Triangle Audubon, Beaumont, TX, program on "Extreme Birding by an Extreme Birder" and book sales/signing; program at 7:00 pm (doors open at 6:00), Garden Center, Tyrrell Park
April 28, 2011, First Congregational Church, Fort Worth, 6:00-9:00 pm, book sales/signing & Powerpoint presentation on 2nd half of ABA big year (sandwich-makings and cookies provided; open to the public)
May 6-7, 2011, Texas Ornithological Society spring meeting, Junction (central TX), book sales/signing
May 14, 2011, Oklahoma Ornithological Society spring meeting, Black Mesa State Park in the OK Panhandle, talk on Extreme Birder: One Woman's Big Year, and book sales/signing
May 16, 2011, Oklahoma City Audubon Society, OK, 7:00 pm, talk on Extreme Birder: One Woman's Big Year, and book sales/signing
May 17, 2011, San Saba, TX, Bird & Nature Club, talk on Extreme Birder: One Woman's Big Year, and book sales/signing
September 14, 2011, Houston Audubon Society, 7:00 pm, United Way Center, talk on Extreme Birder: One Woman's Big Year and book sales/signing
September 15-18, 2011, Rockport, TX, HummerBird Celebration, talks on 9/16 (1-2 pm) and 9/17 (3:40-4:40 pm) on Extreme Birder: One Woman's Big Year, and book sales/signing tba during the Celebration at the Texas Ornithogical Society booth 
October 13, 2011, Meadowlark Audubon Society, Big Horn Federal Savings & Loan, Cody, Wyoming (6:00 business meeting; 6:45 talk on Extreme Birder: One Woman's Big Year and book sales/signing)
October 24, 2011, 
Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Monday Night Seminar, on Extreme Birder: One Woman's Big Year, and book signing
October 25, 2011, Genesee Valley Audubon Society, NY, talk on Extreme Birder: One Woman's Big Year
November 12, 2011, Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival, TX, talk on Extreme Birder:One Woman's Big Year at 1:30 and book sales/signing during Festival (9th-13th); also expect to help lead field trips at Festival
December 2, 2011, Peabody Museum/Essex Co., Salem, MA, talk on Extreme Birder: One Woman's Big Year, including presentation and discussion of recent bird paintings, and book sales/signing; meeting begins at 7:30 pm

January 5, 2012, Northern Hills Birding Club, Sturgis, SD, talk on Extreme Birder: One Woman's Big Year (part 1), evening
January 18, 2012, Rapid City Library, Rapid City, SD, talk on Extreme Birder: One Woman's Big year, and book sales/signing, 12-1 pm
February 2, 2012, Northern Hills Birding Club, Sturgis, SD, talk on Extreme Birder: One Woman's Big Year (part 2), evening
February 28, 2012, Trinity Lutheran noon women's lunch group, Rapid City, SD, talk on Extreme Birder: One Woman's Big Year
April 26, 2012, Pierre bird club, Pierre, SD, talk on Extreme Birder: One Woman's Big Year, 7:30, First United Methodist Church

July 7, 2012, Homestake Adams Research & Cultural Center, Deadwood, 10-12, talk on birding west-river, South Dakota
October 6, 2012, South Dakota Ornithologist's Union, Pierre, banquet speech on ABA Big Year, Governor's Inn, 7:30
February 7, 2013, Rapid City church group, 10 AM
May 2, 2013, Northern Hills Bird Club, talk on Honduras trip (2013), Sturgis, 7:00 
August 7, big year talk in Mankato, MN (meeting begins 5:30 pm)
August 8, big year talks at Faribault Senior Center (1:30 pm) and Rochester (7 pm), MN
September 12-15, 2013, HummerBird Festival (Rockport, TX), speaking on birding on the central Texas coast (Sept. 13 at 9 am and September 14 at 2:20 pm)
October 8, 2013, Rapid City retired teachers, speaking on ABA big year (9:15 am)(cancelled - blizzard)
November 7, 2013, talk on winter hawks and sparrows, Northern Hills Bird Club, Sturgis library, 7 pm
December 3, 2013, Rapid City retired teachers brunch, begins at 11:30, talk on birds across the U.S.
May 3, 2014, Fort Randall Birding Festival (SD), keynote speaker on "Birding Big Years Come in Different Sizes"
September 24, 2014, Wausau Bird Club (WI)
October 21, 2014, Austin, MN
October 22, 2014, Albert Lea, MN 
November 20, 2014, Anchorage Audubon Society meeting 
March 11, 2015, Mat-Su Birders meeting, Palmer, AK, time and place to be added 
PLEASE NOTE: I DID NOT UPDATE MY LISTING DURING 2016 (too busy on my big year)
2017 (following is a preliminary list as I schedule talks about my Alaska big year)
February 8 (Wednesday night) - Mat-Su Birders, Palmer, AK
February 16 (Thursday night) - Anchorage Audubon, AK
March 9 (Thursday night) - Juneau Audubon, AK
April 13 (Thursday night) - Fort Worth Audubon, TX
April 20 (Thursday night) - Golden Triangle Audubon, TX
April 28 - Ketchikan
May 20 (speaking during festival) - Kenai Birding Festival, AK 

Contact me (see below) if you would like to talk about scheduling me to talk at an event and/or sell and sign books


Email me if you wish to contact about birds, or about patent matters.
My mailing address is:
645 G St., Ste. 100-688, Anchorage, AK 99501
Or call me at 682-365-6531.

This birding obsession is wonderful!